Friday, March 24, 2017

Arab-Israeli Conflict post

Rabbi Lesack Speaks with Seniors
 about the Arab-Israeli Conflict

This month Rabbi Lesack volunteered twice to come and speak to our Senior class on matters regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

With the myriad of speakers that have been invited to speak with the Seniors on important matters in the past few weeks, Rabbi Lesack’s presentation was particularly beneficial, presenting to students key elements on Israel’s history post-1967 with a focus on understanding key terms, players and places in the conflict. Issues discussed included security-related matters, maps, peace accords and items related to Northern Israel, the Gaza Strip and the different meanings behind the terms West Bank/Occupied Territories/Judea and Samaria. Part of the presentation focused on these items and how they affect the Israel conversation on the college campus.

Students invited Rabbi Lesack for a second round to discuss unanswered questions because of the lack of time to address all in a very short class period. The students prepared a list of questions and during his second visit they remained engaged and attentive throughout the whole session, for Rabbi Lesack presented the subject matters in ways specifically oriented towards their interests. On their long list there were questions likePros and cons to a two state solution; What are the strongest points to make when arguing for the Israeli side of the argument? Do you believe that peace is actually achievable?; How does the middle eastern conflict directly affect America?; Is it a violation of international law to continuously put settlements in an occupied territory? Theology vs. Democracy (can Israel be both)?”

Overall, the presentation was not only informative and constructive, but intriguing and thought-provoking, as well.  

Yashar Koach, Rabbi Lesack, and todah rabah for your significant contribution to their constant learning which empowers them for the future.

- The 12th Grade and Morah Miriam.

bio-med Engineering

Young Engineers at Work

Pictured above (left to right): 8th graders Samuel Kraft, Zachary Klein, and Hannah Appleton

This week in Mr. Bowman & Mr. De Landsheer’s Bio-med Engineering elective, students are collaborating to complete their project abstracts for the upcoming CIJE engineering conference. Students are actively modifying and compiling codes and materials to ensure their devices are up and running in time for the big presentation. Nerves are high and fingers are cramped, but the teams are eager to assemble their projects and present to community leaders, peers, and entrepreneurs.

Monday, March 20, 2017

technology today blog

Technology Today

As the second semester moves forward, the students of Rosenblatt High School have become increasingly comfortable with the technology integrated into their education.  They are quick on their Chromebooks, adept at Google Classroom, and creative in their use of digital projects.
At the same time, the teachers are quickly becoming experts in their usage of communication tools and digital resources.  On Thursday, February 23, DKJA engaged in Digital Learning Day, a day of learning through technology.  The teachers engaged their students through dynamic lessons across all subject areas; lessons included learning through the online education resource Kahn Academy, classroom discussions entirely through shared Google Docs, game challenges using Quizlet and Kahoot!, video creation, and webquests to explore the students’ b’nai mitzvah parshas.  
Digital Learning Day was a valuable experience for everyone involved, but the technological learning doesn’t stop there.  Several classes make use of technological skills to better interact with the students, and some of them, like electives “Digital Graphic Design” and “Electrical Engineering and Microprocessors,” focus on it.  Most recently, the Digital Graphic Design students used Photoshop to redesign their school athletic uniforms, and currently they are in the process of creating animated GIFs, which are short stop-motion films combining photography with digital art.
Created by Sara Fraser
Created by Ben Rochberg

- Cory Laub
English Teacher, Technology Educator

Thursday, March 16, 2017

FAU Hillel Director Meets with Seniors

This past week, Adam Kolett  of FAU’s Hillel, came to speak to the Senior class.
Our Seniors Hannah Wolf and Macayla Gritz commented:
” Mr. Kolett touched on many Jewish key values not only of Donna Klein, but of the entire Jewish Community. Specifically, he addressed the importance of continuing our involvement of Jewish life for the rest of our lives. Donna Klein has raised us as involved leaders in the Jewish Community, something we all plan to continue in college whether through Hillel on campus or other leadership roles.
The Jewish Community is a pillar to our lives, providing us with opportunities and resources unlike any other. Through our involvement, we have come to realize that our community is a family, united and strong.
As we depart on the next chapters of our lives, the Jewish Community will always be a factor linking all of us together. From his talk, we - along with the rest of the senior class - understand and will remember the importance of staying active Jewishly!”

We thank Mr. Kolett, for taking his time to inform and inspire our next generation of leaders.

honor society blog

Rosenblatt High School Students Receive Recognition at Honor Society Event

Parents, faculty advisors and administrators gathered last night to honor and celebrate the induction of our students into seven honor societies. Congratulations to the new members of The National Honor Society, The National Math Honor Society, The Hebrew Honor Society, The National Spanish Honor Society, The National Art Honor Society, The National Technical Honor Society and the International Thespian Society. Receiving this honor reflects a high scholastic standing and commitment to the requirements of each society.

Mrs. Sydney Siegel said “So proud of Noah for his induction into the National Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society.”

Mrs. Liat Luel said”So extremely proud. Ben, you are an amazing, humble and wonderful person. Love you so much! Thank you to all the DKJA teachers who helped you become who you are.”

Thank you to our wonderful advisors, Reginald DeLandsheer, Nick Belotto, Ilana Joseph, Silvana Delbo, Eilat Asseo, Lydia Zafrir, Anita Schwartz and Zoraida Adams for their dedication to our students and our school.
Thank you to Rabbi Lesack, for his D'var Torah. Thank you to Silvina Chemerinski,
Anita Schwartz and Ilana Joseph and for their leadership in Coordinating our seven honor societies and for planning this event.
Special thanks to all the parents and friends who joined us last night. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you as we prepare our students for a successful and bright future! Mazel tov to our students for all of your hard work in reaching this special day. You make all of us proud.

-Anita Schwartz

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

science this week

Rainbows and Terrariums

AP Chemistry students rise to the challenge of producing a rainbow of test tubes.  By applying a principle learned in the classroom, they stressed each reaction’s equilibrium to produce a specific color of the rainbow.  Students learned that chemistry involves a lot of trial and error!

Mr. DeLandsheer’s Biology classes are building terrariums that are self sustaining.  Having studied different organisms and trophic levels the students are placing organisms together that have a relationship with each other.The students are exploring the interdependence of organisms and their environments as well as learning the importance of energy and matter cycles.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Purim Fun at RHS

Today Rosenblatt High School’s Hebrew and Judaics departments teamed up with Rabbi Plotkin and the Hebrew Honor Society to perform the mitzvot of Purim!

We started the day by dividing into teams to create a collective video, recreating the story of the Book of Esther. We then spent time at our own little Purim carnival, where we created mishloach manot, had face painting, cotton candy, a bounce house, and a dunk tank. To fulfil the mitzvah of tzedakah, all proceeds from the dunk tank will be donated to children in hospitals.

We then ended the day by having a Purim feast with Holocaust survivors. Over 20 Holocaust survivors joined us for a delicious brunch. Our students met them outside of the high school building and walked with them to Zinman. Seated at different tables throughout the room, our students and our guests talked, laugh, ate and even sang together, as Eva Demsky and a guest performed, on the spot, a rendition of Yerushalayim Shel Zahav. We wrapped up with a hilarious showing of all of their videos, spliced into one film with the help of Robbie Shinder and Joseph Zeuner, and then delivered our Mishloach manot to our guests.

Chag Purim Sameach!

Tamar Abrahami, 11th Grade